Testimonies of Life

Encouragement for a God-Centered Life

My Life’s Work


I am excited to share this with you as I have been a diligent mother this last year seeking ways to work from home!

Well, I have found many! However, I cannot do everything! So, the following items I will share with you are what I AM doing!

I will also share the opportunities with you! This means that you have the chance to join me!

My plans and goals are to create a lasting friendship with each and every one who decides to join me on this journey we all call life. With the choices below you will have the chance to create a life that you have control over.

What I Do!

I currently am running 3 businesses that I can do from anywhere!

Gotta have my coffee

Virtual Barista for Java Momma (MLM) Coffee/Tea/Cocoa – javatimewtiff.com

Owner/Operator Precious Pet Costumes, LLC (ecommerce) – preciouspetcostume.com

Taking dreams further

Affiliate Marketing by Changing One Life at a Time With Water –    abundantfaithforlife.com


To contact me and learn more about any of these opportunities please either email me or for faster response find me on my facebook!

I will do everything I can to personally guide you through each or all of these options to see what is best for you and your family.


More to come!


Email me!